Speech + Language 

We offer speech and language services both to adult and pediatric clients, however specialize in children. All of our clinicians have a background in medical speech-language pathology, offering a robust set of skills paired with researched-based practices that get your speech and language goals met within reasonable timeframes. Call us to get your free consultation and inquire about the specific concerns you have, we will guide your treatment approach with a plan that suits your needs. 



Articulation disorders

Phonological delays

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Voice + vocal disorders


Language delays



Augmentative and Alternative Communication 

Feeding + Swallowing disorders


Medical Diagnoses Seen

Ear Infections 

Enlarged Adenoids/Tonsils

Low Muscle Tone

Tongue Thrust

Processing Disorders


Sensory Deregulation

 Neurological Disorders


Pre-Natal Conditions 

Traumatic/Non-Traumatic Brain Injuries