Our Philosophy

At Indy Speech Services, we pride ourselves in making sure each of our specialists aligns properly with not only the speech and language goals that we want your child to meet, but also in the relationship that is built. Establishing rapport with a child is essential to making good progress in therapy. We ensure that your family is paired with a coach that fits your needs.

Our Service

We provide services in the comfort of your home because we believe kids are most at ease in a comfortable environment. Kids feel secure and safe in their home, making them more natural, which helps us navigate their communication goals faster. Therapy at home also provides us ample opportunities to train parents and caretakers, nannies and babysitters along with grandparents and siblings!


a team built with you in mind. 


Meet Frida, Manhattan 

Frida Matute began her career early as an undergraduate at The George Washington University majoring in Speech and Hearing Science. She then completed a masters program at Northwestern University with an emphasis on neurogenic communication disorders. After working as a speech-language pathologist at NYU Langone Medical Center, Hospital for Joint Diseases and Bellevue Hospital, she decided to launch her own pediatric travel-based private speech services boutique company. She believes in providing excellent medically-focused speech-language pathology services to clients and continues to work at Bellevue Hospital's outpatient pediatric department as well as a consultant with Advocates for Children. 


Meet Jamie, Manhattan 

Jamie is an ASHA certified Speech Language Pathologist with experience working with pediatrics and adults in a variety of settings, including hospital and school settings.  She is licensed in New York and Pennsylvania. After completing her masters program in communication sciences at Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions, she worked in an inpatient medical setting in Philadelphia. Jamie has also had experience working with early childhood and school age children to address a language delays and implement augmentative and alternative communication strategies. Her medically-focused background allows her to think critically and employ creative and individualized approaches to therapy.